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Engagement Ring Photos


Prince William Royal Wedding And Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton or Catherine Middleton engagement ring photos and news: Prince William and Kate Middleton royal engagement is officially confirmed. Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with a diamond engagement ring. To be princess Kate Middleton or Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton got a breathtaking diamond engagement ring from Prince William.

Kate Middleton or Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton diamond engagement ring details: After getting the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton royal engagement, everybody is looking for Kate Middleton engagement ring details with photo. As long as the Kate Middleton diamond engagement ring concerns that has not been officially unveiled, there has been much speculation over the size (carats) and style Kate Middleton engagement ring features.
Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William, who became engaged to Charles, the Prince of Wales in early 1981, chose a diamond engagement ring similar to that of her mother’s. Princess Diana’s ring featured 14 diamonds which surrounded a sapphire.
Queen Elizabeth, Prince William’s grandmother got engaged back in 1947, had her platinum and diamond engagement ring crafted from diamonds from a tiara belonging to the mother of her fiance Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth’s diamond engagement ring was fashioned by London jewellers Philip Antrobus. The Garrard jewellery house made many other royal diamond jewelry pieces.

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